Golden Mask Awards (2014)


Monster hospital, can you please release me?
You hold my hands down, I've been bad. 

"So many men had tried to make her a queen. Now she understood that she was meant for something more. The Darkling had told her he was destined to rule. He had claimed his throne, and a part of her too. He was welcome to it. For the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning. She would rise.”

Tessa Gray, Charlotte Branwell, Jessamine Lovelace, 
Sophie Collins, Cecily Herondale, & Camille Belcourt.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a
woman; you educate a generation.” - Brigham Young

“We tend to judge others by their behaviour and ourselves by our intentions.” — Albert F. Schlieder (via spelberg)

 mstriseaton said: Same happened to me. Feels

Yeah, let’s read the damn painful book!
emlovestwilightt said: it’s a pretty fast read. I got it done in about three hours.
I just have like tons of things to do, and I can’t even breath… I’ll really really try it, though. I just got it on my tablet, and then if I have enough in me before going to bed I’ll give my best. Looks awesome. Is it really?

I just watched the If I Stay trailer and I’m crying and I haven’t even read the damn book?

I really really really want to read it, but I’ll need to spend the whole night up and then the next night too hahahaha i’m just so fucked

what is time

i want some


Harry Potter Meme: ♕ Seven Relationships

3/7 Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort